2nd house


Wealth In The Birth Chart

To understand an individual’s attitude towards money and possessions, we have to look at their value system.  There are 7 houses that give different clues about a person’s value system.  We can see how the individual manifests their dreams, where the money will come from and how they manage the money once they have it in the bank.

Most Important Wealth Houses

The 2nd House is traditionally the house of wealth.  We can see what a person values when we look at the 2nd House.  Notice the Zodiac sign on the cusp.  Which house is the ruler placed into?  Does it make hard or soft aspects?  To which planets?

The 4th House will show you the individual’s childhood home and security needs.  This is the house of Cancer, which happens to be one of the most ambitious signs.  Motivated by a desire to protect family and home through financial security.

The 5th House is the house of ego.  If this house is strong and makes connections by rulership to the 2nd or 10th house, then the native has a desire to be seen as important.  Wealth is an outward sign of power and prestige.

The 6th House is the house of the servant.  Sometimes a strong 6th House can indicate the native is humble about wealth.

The 7th House indicates wealth that may come through partnership.  Marriage or business.

The 8th House indicates a strong mind for strategy.  Also, the desire to hold onto assets and follow through on plans.  Seeing things to completion, even if that means the death of a project.  This house shows if income will come through marriage, death or joint resources.

The 10th House is associated with wealth earned through business and that the display of status is important to the native.

How Each Zodiac Sign Sees Wealth


  • Aries: Being wealthy means you won the battle
  • Taurus: Material goods bring pleasure
  • Gemini:  Wealth so you can work on other projects
  • Cancer: Money buys security
  • Leo: Wealth means you’re important
  • Virgo:  Having money means you can help others
  • Libra:  Money lets you enjoy the good life
  • Scorpio:  Wealth imparts power
  • Sagittarius:  Having money allows you to experience new things
  • Capricorn: Wealth proves you were right, imparts status
  • Aquarius: Money gives you freedom
  • Pisces:  Wealth is something that comes and goes (least materialistic)


  • Indicators of Wealth

    • 2nd House ruler in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and making an aspect to Venus (money comes easily or possibly through partnership), Jupiter (wealth is expanded), Saturn when  (wealth is earned through focused work), Pluto (focus on themes of wealth building).
    • Venus, when moving in a direct motion and located in an angular house with aspects to Jupiter, may indicate an ease to earning income, or earning it through the Native’s talents and charms.
    • Strength of the overall chart.  Does the chart indicate a strong, focused personality?  Many times the planetary geometry of the aspects will look organized and focused around stelliums with tight orbs.  The personality will have a focused direction with their expression of will power.  Those with strong Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn have a tendency to appreciate material wealth.  There is a realistic understanding about how much focus will be required to achieve their goals, combined with a consistency of daily habits.
    • Jupiter to Pluto can indicate the ability to amass large amounts of wealth, in the longitudes or the declinations

  • Indicators of Blocks

    • If the 2nd House ruler is in mutable signs, retrograde and/or making hard aspects to Saturn or Neptune, the native may struggle with focusing their energy in the direction necessary to turn dreams into reality.  They may also struggle with saving money.  With a Jupiter square, the native may overspend during good financial times and get themselves into debt.
    • Strong mutable charts without the indicators of wealth can show that the native is not focused on the material world.  They may be more focused on their values of gaining knowledge or helping others.
    • If the individual has a chart with a strong 12th House, Neptune to luminaries or Pisces, there may be a tendency to disavow materialism or to use personal wealth to bless others.  May have guilt about keeping the money for the self.
    • Hard Neptune aspects to the ruler of the 2nd House or 8th House can indicate a hazy, misunderstanding of how to manage personal finances.  Perhaps, believing more money is in their account than there is in reality.

Wealth Aspects

  • Strong 2nd House indicates a focus on material goods and the ability to see the self as worthy of asking for what is deserved.  In particular if the cusp ruler is making easy aspects to Venus and/or Jupiter.  Does not indicate wealth by itself, but rather the ability to earn income.  In particular, when there are a preponderance of Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn planets in the mix.
  • A well placed 10th House ruler with aspects to Venus, Jupiter and/or Saturn can indicate the native has the desire, opportunity and discipline to achieve status through career.  Look to the Zodiac sign on the cusp to understand what success will look like to the individual.  See my above listing of wealth as seen through the Zodiac signs.  Wealth to a Pisces cusp is about creative solutions that help others, wealth to a Capricorn cusp would be achievement through the eyes of others.
  • Pluto/Jupiter aspects are considered indicators of large amounts of wealth.
  • Planets in Cancer, Capricorn, and/or a 10th House emphasis with the luminaries indicates an individual concerned with personal security through financial success