The Individual

First Step is understanding each person in the partnership.

The Synastry

Next, we move onto the chemistry of the two personalities.

The Composite

Then we look to the composite charts to see what the relationship needs.

The Perspective

Last, we analyze how each partner sees the relationship from their point of view.

Step 1:

  • The first step to understanding a couple’s romantic compatibility, is to understand each individual. My clients are required to do an Individual Birth Chart Reading before moving onto a Romantic Compatibility Reading.

    We will do a complete inventory of each partner’s personality and make-up, which allows us to move onto compatibility understanding the unique triggers that each person holds.

  • Included in the birth chart reading is an analysis of each individual’s 7 main markers for relationship: Moon, Venus, 7th House, Rulership of 7th House, Vertex and the Nodal Axis We will look for clues into their ideal relationship. Also uncovering areas of conflicts between conscious needs and unconscious desires. These initial birth chart readings are a mandatory part of a relationship reading, because a partnership is simply the mixture of two individuals.

  • Step 2:
    The Synastry Chart

    Relationship Synastry is done by overlaying two birth charts to analyze how two people will interact with one another.

    Mental, emotional, physical comparisons are made.  The chemistry between two people is seen with a synastry chart.  How the partners activate and repel each other, or how they expand or restrict one another.

    We will do a thorough comparison to see which areas are easy flows of compatible energy and where the couple struggles. Individual blind spots will be pointed out so that each partner can improve the relationship from their side.

    • Mental & Communication Style
    • Are Emotional Needs being met?
    • Type of sexual chemistry & lifespan of chemistry
    • Soul connections & contracts
    • Finances & Career
    • Soul path connections
    • Purpose of relationship
    • Stability or instability of partnership
    • Need for closeness or freedom
    • Creative potential
    • Identity validation
    • Nature of relationship: short-term fling, or potential for long-term love
    • Past life connections
    • Areas of conflict & growth
    • Infidelity or wandering aspects

Step 3:
The Composite Charts

After we’ve looked at the Synastry of the partnership, we move onto a very interesting chart known as a composite. These charts show the relationship as a separate entity and it’s needs.

I use 2 different types of composites during a relationship reading, in order to see if there are patterns and themes being repeated.  We will then compare the natal charts to the composite and make note of connections or triggers being hit by the composite charts to the natals.

The Partner’s Perspective

The final step of the compatibility reading is drawing up a chart introduced by Astrologer Bob Marks, that he calls a Mark’s chart.  It’s a POV chart that shows each partner’s unique perspective on the relationship.

We will also revisit the patterns and themes we’ve seen during the entire reading and answer any questions the partners may have.

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