The Body & Beauty

See how astrology can describe your physical appearance.

Wealth & Possessions

Learn how astrology indicates your best way to create wealth.

Mind & Communication

Understand how the birth chart can uncover an individual's mental expression.

Instincts & Emotions

Learn how the birth chart illuminates an individual's emotional instincts.

Charisma & Influence

What kind of creative magic are you here to share with the world?

Health & Daily Habits

Learn about an individual's attitude towards habits and daily duties.


Learn about what your ideal one on one relationship looks like.

Sexuality & Commitment

See how the stars indicate your attitude towards sex & commitment.

Wisdom & Teaching

Life is a journey! What have you learned along the way?

Career & Life Purpose

Want to understand your unique life path? Click here to learn more.

Friendship & Humanity

Get a better feel for the mark you are meant to leave on humanity.

Soul Path & Karma

Learn more about your soul destiny and patterns that you need to break.