Sun: Basic Chemistry

Our Sun is a massive star, radiating light and heat in all directions. If we were to compare the Solar System to an individual person, the Sun Sign of the Individual would represent their life force and outward flow of self-will. It’s their identity, their power to self-express and has an effect on the expression of all other planets in their birth chart.

Just as the physical Sun gives life and order to the Solar System, the figurative Sun sign gives animation to the ego of the Individual.

The basic rules of astrological compatibility apply to Sun sign compatibility.  If two people have Sun signs in the same element or modality, then they will usually have a higher level of compatibility.

See the following charts for an outline of how the Sun signs mix with other signs.

When Sun signs are in the same element there is a harmonious flow of personalities.  The two people feel like they get one another.  When in different elements, yet the same modality, there is friction, yet shared mode of operating.

These signs share the same modality. They can create interesting relationships with room for growth.





These signs share the same modality. They can create interesting relationships with room for growth.





These signs share the same modality. They can create interesting relationships with room for growth.





These signs all mix well:

Aries March 21-April 20

Leo July 23-August 22

Sagittarius November 23-December 21

These signs all mix well:

Taurus April 21-May21

Virgo August 23-September 23

CapricornDecember 22-January 19

These signs all mix well:

Gemini May 22-June 21

Libra September 24-October 22

Aquarius January 20-February 18

These signs all mix well:

Cancer June 22-July 22

Scorpio October 23-November 22

Pisces February 19-March 20

Like the number zero, Aries are full of potential.  They are the warriors and fighters of the zodiac.  They have no fear of leading from a solo position.  This can give them a self-centered posture at times, and in love relationships male aries need to feel like they are the protectors of their mates and the female rams need to feel like their partner is strong enough to be her man!

ARIES IN LOVE: They like to make the first move, are head strong and confident.  They’re quite independent, but once they’ve met someone that strikes their fancy, they jump in recklessly.  They need passion and rebirth in their love life.  And sex.  And fights.  Make-up sex is an Aries hallmark.

ARIES EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  They give passion and expect it in return.  They have a child-like naïve type of love style.  They can be selfish and want all of their partner’s attention, even though they require a high degree of freedom.  They want to get their way!

ARIES BIGGEST SECRET:  Inside is a child who is looking for warmth, comfort and praise.  A partner who admires their innocent. 

TAURUS IN LOVE: The Taurus appreciates a beautiful, or well “turned-out” partner. They’re attracted to strength and tenacity in others. A genuine, kind, and charming individual who is open to the lusty, sensual side of life will make any Taurus happy. They are slow to move in relationships, whether to start them or to leave them. Patience is key.

TAURUS EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: Taurus is looking for security and a relationship grounded in reality. Ideally, they want a partner who is looking to build a life with them, complete with the simple daily pleasures. Good food, a lusty sex life, dancing in the kitchen, harmony. They want the simple, authentic, and committed relationship.

TAURUS BIGGEST SECRET: Worries about security. It can express as concerns that they won’t have enough financially or that their partner will leave them. To keep your Taurus happy, let them know they’re safe through your actions. Show up when you’re suppose to, do what you say you will and be honest.

GEMINI IN LOVE: Gemini Suns like to keep things fresh and light.  In love, they especially enjoy conversation and communication.  Bubbly and full of new ideas, they need a partner who will allow them to feel safe in the realm of the deeper emotions.  Their own emotional responses can make them feel a little uneasy and anxious.  They may run from the one they love the most.  Keeping the relationship emotional safe (keep it on the chatty level) will open them to further expressing their love. 

GEMINI EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  Space and lots of conversation.  Jokes, naughty sense of humor, playing together.  A partner who uses passive-aggression such as the silent treatment will turn-off the Gemini.  They don’t do well with emotional manipulation.  They also don’t like feeling like their partner is leaning on them for emotional validation.  No clinginess allowed.

GEMINI BIGGEST SECRET:  Gemini can seem flighty and shallow at times, the secret is they worry that maybe their emotional depth is as shallow as it sometimes seems.  Changing direction frequently in life and love, they may feel unsure of what they want emotionally. 

CANCER IN LOVE: This is the Zodiac sign most fueled by their own emotional ebbs and flows.  They are reflective and idealistic.  When in love, they’ve found a partner that matches their inner ideal of what the partner should be.  They will take a slow, sideways approach to their love interest, feeling their way before making any declarations of love.  They must feel safe and that feelings are reciprocated before making any big jumps.  Once in love, they are nurturing and protective of their loved one’s heart.  Affectionate to the ones they love, the Cancer is excellent at intuitively knowing what the other needs.

CANCER EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  The Cancer likes to have the partner around.  At home, or out and about.  They enjoy the grounding of physical closeness with their loved one.  They tend to attract strong partners, who have a steady emotional nature.  They need to know the partner will be there if they should have a typical Cancerian moody moment.  Safety and security is very important to the Cancer, as well as the acceptance of the times that she needs to turn inward and have quiet alone time.

CANCER BIGGEST SECRET:  That the emotional moodiness or neediness that sometimes overtakes them will drive away their partner.  That this most vulnerable part of who they are will be the thing that is ultimately unlovable. 

LEO IN LOVE: Romantic with a capital R, Leos love to shower their partner with their affection.  Getting dressed up and going out on the town, or heading to a concert and dinner, the Leo likes to show off the one they love.  They also tend to be very affectionate and warm in their expressions of love.  They need a partner who enjoys and reciprocates this warm adoration.

LEO EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  The Leo needs to feel adored by the partner.  Affection, undying love by a partner who takes pride in themselves and has an air of importance.  They are a proud sign and appreciate a partner they can show off.  Loyalty is also required.  There should be no other lover in your life if you are with a Leo.  Feel free to let everyone else know you think they’re the most impressive person you’ve ever met.

LEO BIGGEST SECRET:  That their life is not important.  They need to feel loved, needed and to hold the title as someone’s “#1 Person”.

VIRGO IN LOVE: The Virgo can have high standards in love, when they’ve fell in love it’s usually after analyzing the partner and feeling comfortable with the possible outcome.  They are devoted to the people they love, and show their devotion through service.  The Virgo in love is careful to fall in love because they’re looking for the One.  Once they fall, they fall very deeply and love with an almost spiritual devotion.

VIRGO EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  The Virgo has high standards in love, they give complete and utter devotion, sacrificing things they want as an expression of love for their partner.  Many people don’t operate in this same way, and may even find it manipulative at times.  The partner needs to do their best to love the Virgo fiercely.  Occasional acts of self-sacrifice will mean a lot to your Virgo.

VIRGO BIGGEST SECRET:  That they will never find another person who will love them back with the sacrifice and devotion they see themselves loving with.  That the ideal love or the One doesn’t actually exist, or that they’re not worthy of that type of love.

LIBRA IN LOVE: The masters of relating, the Libra in love is sure that all is well in the world.  They seek harmony with their partner, and enjoy conversation, socializing and spending quality time together.  Always seeking the illusive true love, Libras can be a little indecisive when it comes to settling with just one partner.  Because they also don’t want to hurt feelings, they can sometimes stay in relationships long after the expiration date, while daydreaming about their dream lover. 

LIBRA EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE:  Highly idealistic about the nature of love, in their minds they have a clear picture of what love should look like.  Usually reality pales in comparison.  They want the romantic coupling of two opposites.  The holy marriage of the inner Mother & Father.  To make the Libra happy in love, hope that you actual are their soulmate. 

LIBRA BIGGEST SECRET: To be seen as ugly and stupid.  The Libra is a vain type that operates with a high degree of emotional detachment, because deep down they care very much about how other’s see them. 

SCORPIO IN LOVE: Highly focused on the one they love, Scorps can feel obsessive or intense to the love object.  They need passionate, soulful connection with their lover.  Expressed through sexual contact, a desire to direct the partner’s life and a sense that the two hold some sacred contract that no one else can impose upon, the Scorp wants everything or will walk away with nothing.

SCORPIO EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: Everything.  Body, heart and soul,  only because they will give all of that to the person they deem worthy enough to be “the One”.  Loyalty and respect for the bond are required.  They want a relationship of depth and singularity.    

SCORPIO BIGGEST SECRET: That the intensity they direct towards the partner will never be returned, and that they’ll be forever alone in their own emotional underworld.  Unrequited and solo.

SAGITTARIUS IN LOVE: Natural, playful and ardent. Sadges express love in a very open way. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t usually leave much room for wondering how they feel. They are optimistic and may make the same mistakes over and over again in love. They also need to feel like they’re free to roam, not to be unfaithful, but to continue to have the option to have a wide range of life experiences with many different types of people.
SAGITTARIUS EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: To create a story together! They want a partner who is will to explore life all with the hopes of learning and growing together. They are natural teachers and will enjoy giving advice to their partner. They need a relationship that is positive, fun, and forward leaning. They want love to fill them with a sense of enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future.
SAGITTARIUS BIGGEST SECRET: That they’ll be trapped. This is a sign that thrives when it is able to grow and expand. They need to be trusted by the people in their lives that they are altruistic, and if allowed to run free they will always return home.

CAPRICORN IN LOVE: There is a seriousness to the way Capricorn approaches things, this includes love.  They are dating to find the best partner possible.  They want the real deal, a committed solid relationship or nothing at all.  Relationship is a source of achievement for the Capricorn so if the love life isn’t going well, they will cut it off all together and focus on those areas where they know they can be successful.

CAPRICORN EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: Loyalty and a sense that the partner respects and admires them.  The Capricorn derives satisfaction from his ability to improve things.  In relationship, this can mean they may criticize the partner in an effort to help them improve.  They have high standards and expectations.

CAPRICORN BIGGEST SECRET: That others will see them as a failure and that they won’t live up to expectations.  Love is a place that exposes all of their vulnerable human places.  Which is very scary for a Capricorn.

AQUARIUS IN LOVE: Naturally friendly and sociable, Aquarians typically have many friends of both genders.  They attract others through their emotional aloofness.  Love is emotional territory that the Aquarius is not always comfortable wandering through.  They like their relationships to have an airy, cerebral quality and are many times interested in alternative versions of relationship. 

AQUARIUS EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: Total freedom and trust from the partner.  An Aquarius will have many social contacts, in fact they need this interaction to stay happy and healthy.  A partner who understands this and supports it will be much appreciated.  Clinginess or emotional outburst are not the Aquarius cup of tea.

AQUARIUS BIGGEST SECRET: That they’ll be put in a situation where they have to pretend to be someone they’re not.  The Aquarius is here to learn about individual self expression and to allow others the same freedom. 

PISCES IN LOVE: Here are our givers of the Zodiac.  Pisces have perfected the gift of self-sacrifice in search of the ideal love relationship.  They have an ability to shape shift to fit a situation and want to be able to find connection with the person they love by meeting that person at a place of Oneness.     

PISCES EXPECTATIONS IN LOVE: Pisces needs the merge with the entire Universe.  Their romantic relationship is a microcosm that reflects their attitude towards the macrocosm.  They want all boundaries to be dropped and to connect on a soul deep level.  If a partner is unwilling or unable to let them in all the way, the Pisces will try everything in a very quiet way to get the boundaries to budge.

PISCES BIGGEST SECRET: That they will drift off into the oblivion.  Similar to the Scorpio, they fear that the depths of their love will go unrequited, that they will never find the other half with whom to soul blend.