Lesson 1: Cosmic Alphabet

As a child learns language, the mind is able to take abstract vocalizations and associate them with specific meanings.  The child learns nouns to represent the people/places/things of his world, verbs to represent what those things do, adjectives and adverbs to give flavor and so on.  The child learns intonation and body language to further color communication and expression. As a student of astrology, you will see the building blocks of a language such as English, has reciprocal building blocks in the language of the stars.

You will also learn the nouns, verbs and adjectives of this ancient cosmic symbolism and you will start to see how the archetypes can be combined to create new flavors of the zodiac.  Many strange hybrid archetypes that makes astrology a place of continuous discovery!  In the same way that a poet uses words, an astrologer can blend together the signs, houses and planets to dive deeply into a client’s psyche and better help them with their inquiry.


In this article we will briefly outline the 3 main elements that make up the language of the stars: the Planets, Zodiac Signs and Houses.  These 3 elements are all interchangeable.  (For example Aries, is the 1st sign in the Zodiac, 1st house in the chart and ruled by Mars.  These 3 elements all have the same meaning to an astrologer but will be expressed slightly differently just as in English, Dog can be used as a noun, as an adverb such as Doggedly or as a place “Dog House”.  They all have the same root pointing back at a loyal, unflagging companion pet, who is on occasion in trouble, but always loves his master.

In order to create an astrological “sentence” and then a story, we will use the follow:  Planets as Nouns, Signs as Adverbs, Aspects as Verbs, Houses as Circumstances or the Sentences where the first three combine, then Aspects and Rulerships to tie the story together.  Moving through a chart from the Primary Triad to each house the entire story of the chart will form.  Patterns will repeat and the Astrologer will start to see the shape of the personality, event or other entity that is being studied.

PLANETS: “The Nouns”

SUN:  The Ego, the Individual, the Entity, Event, Business, in Composite Charts it is the Relationship, External World

MOON: The Heart, Home, Mother, Emotional Nature, Internal World

MERCURY: The Mind, Communication, Throat Chakra, The Voice, also includes the Hands because they’re used for communication

VENUS: Romantic Nature, Values, Pleasure, The Lover, What is important to the Native

MARS: Passion, Drive, Fight, What gets the person out of bed in the morning

JUPITER:  Inner Coach/Guru/Guide, Optimism, Expansion, makes things bigger, includes options to widen possibilities

SATURN: Inner Critic, Rules, Restriction, makes things smaller, delineates, eliminates options to narrow down possibilities

URANUS: Freak Flag, Freedom Drive, Selfish/Individualistic Drive

NEPTUNE: Other Worldly Energy, Spirt/Soul Nature, Escapism, Denial

PLUTO: Power, Control, Dark Force

ZODIAC SIGNS: “The Adverbs”  HOW a person will DO something

ARIES:  quickly, rashly, passionately, dangerously, assertively, hastily

TAURUS: deliberately, sensually, beautifully, tastefully, slowly, determinedly

GEMINI:  chatterly, prolifically, lightly, breezily, personably, easily

CANCER:  intuitively, sensitively, safely, understandingly, moodily, changeably

LEO: dynamically, boldly, courageously, protectively, dominantly, charismatically

VIRGO: quietly, observationally, shyly, hesitantly, analytically, devotedly

LIBRA: diplomatically, socially, peacefully, intellectually, amicably, adorably

SCORPIO: privately, intensely, deeply, secretively, profoundly, obsessively

SAGITTARIUS: playfully, expansively, inclusively, naturally, casually, spontaneously

CAPRICORN: seriously, soberly, ambitiously, strongly, steadily, imperatively

AQUARIUS: uniquely, strangely, individually, freely, unpredictably, friendly

PISCES: intuitively, dreamily, flighty, sacrificially, compassionately, poetically

HOUSES:  “The Sentences” Or The Circumstances

Each House represents a different circumstance in life.  The planets that fall into the house will be affected by the house, and colored by the character of the house and the ruler on the cusp.

For example, any planet in your 2nd House, will be given a Taurus like quality, and will directly affect your values and attitude toward possessions.    

The Zodiac sign on the cusp is very important as well. Look at the ruling planet of that Zodiac sign to give further information about the house. 

FIRST HOUSE: Personal appearance, DNA, personality, individual, planets here will have an Aries quality

SECOND HOUSE: Values, money, self-worth, talents, planets here will have a Taurus quality

THIRD HOUSE: Communication, intelligence, mind power, style of thinking, planets here will have a Gemini quality

FOURTH HOUSE:  Home, place of comfort, childhood, mother, place to recover, planets here will have a Cancer quality

FIFTH HOUSE:  Creativity, creation, ego expression, planets here will have a Leo quality

SIXTH HOUSE:  Devotion, self sacrifice, duties, daily habits, health, planets here will have a Virgo quality

SEVENTH HOUSE:  Relating, Relationships, Partnerships in work and love, even enemies, planets here will have a Libra quality

EIGHTH HOUSE:  Deep bonding between two people, sexuality, death and rebirth, planets here will have a Scorpio quality

NINTH HOUSE:  Wisdom, learning, spirituality/religion, other cultures, planets here will have a Sagittarius quality

TENTH HOUSE:  Outer world, career, status, how the world sees you/important need to be seen, planets here will have a Sagittarius quality

ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendships, hopes & goals, collective, eclectic freak-flag house, planets here will take on an Aquarius quality

TWELVETH HOUSE:  Unconscious, other worldly, spiritual, egoless, totally selfless house, planets here will take on a Pisces quality

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