Lesson 10: Reading the Chart

In order to make reading a birth chart as simple as possible, this lesson will break down the delineation process into brief, simple steps.  The skill that a master astrologer has with chart analysis comes from a strong understanding of the archetypes of the signs, planets, houses and aspects.  Keeping the process of reading the chart to a few simple steps, allows the reading to unfold in an orderly manner. Allowing the astrologer to apply the majority of their mind power to their synthesis of the symbols and patterns being discovered.

Step 1: Identify the Primary Triad
The Primary Triad is made up of the Sun and it’s house placement, the Moon and it’s house placement and the Rising Sign along with it’s ruling planet, which is a the chart ruler.  These 3 planets/points plus the additional details given by the houses, rulers and aspects will start to create a framework that the rest of the personality can be built upon.

Be sure to take note of the following relative to the Triad:

  1. Zodiac signs of each 
  2. Elements
  3. Modalities of each planet
  4. House placement
  5. House rulership
  6. Location of ruling planets
  7. Aspects the planets are receiving
  8. Overall intuitive feel of the Triad as synthesized by the entire chart

Step 2: Journey Through The 12 Houses
Next starting at the first house, move through each house counterclockwise noting the following:

  1. Zodiac signs, elements, modalities of each planet
  2. House placement
  3. House rulership and location of ruling planets
  4. Aspects the planets are receiving
  5. Overall intuitive feel of the personal planets as synthesized by the entire chart

See the Houses Lessons to refer back to house keywords and rulerships.

Step 3: Look for the Patterns
A picture of the personality will begin to emerge while looking at the Primary Triad.  The life force and the emotional drivers, in contrast or in harmony with the Rising Sign and how the individual approaches new situations in life.  As you move onto the personal planets of mercury, venus and mars, a more detailed picture will emerge.  You may see repetitions of planetary energy, or house emphasis.  This are important to keep in mind while progressing through the houses.  A good astrologer has the ability to recognize patterns quickly, hold a lot of disparate information in their mind at once and then synthesize all of these elements in a way that is practical and makes real world sense to the client.

Go back to the Planets, Aspects & Orbs Lesson for more information on how the planets will all respond to one another, depending on aspects.

Video Tutorial

Coming Soon!
Working on a video that walks you through the birth chart of a celebrity. Sometimes showing is better than explaining! Will be posted in a few days!