Lesson 11: Forecasting

Basic Astrology Forecasting Techniques

To keep this lesson simple, we will focus only on simple transits and the solar return chart.  These two techniques each provide a wealth of information for the native and their upcoming year.  Let’s define each technique and then do some simple examples of how these techniques can be applied.  These two techniques are the ones most commonly used by astrologers.


Transits are the relationship between the current celestial bodies in our solar system to our birth chart planetary placements.   To understand transits, one must understand aspects.  The aspects between the current planets and their birth chart will indicate upcoming events or cycles.  The same aspects used for birth chart delineation, synastry etc are used with forecasting.  The astrologer looks at how the native is triggered during a certain period of time.  The transits will show the build up, exact transit and then the separating period. Deductions about how the transit will affect the native depend upon the transiting planet by house and sign, the planet aspected by house and sign, and the nature of the aspect.  The transits represent the ever-changing relationship of the native to their own life.  As well as showing exact timing dates for events and cycles.

Solar Return Chart

The Solar Return is a chart that is created each year the Sun returns to the same degree as the moment the native was born.  The Sun usually “returns” to it’s natal position on your birthday each year, but sometimes this happens a day before or after.  The only thing that will always be the same as your birth chart is the Sun by zodiac sign and degree.  The rest of the chart is typically quite different from the birth chart.  The Solar Return Chart gives an uncanny picture about the themes and focus for the entire year.  Looked at in conjunction with the transits, the astrologer can see when the themes from the Solar Return Chart are set off by the transits.

To read transits

Starting with the transiting outer planets.  Make note of the following cycles.

  • Pluto:  Location by house (although Pluto will be in that house for close to 20 years) and the aspects being made to natal Sun, Moon and Pluto in particular.  Pluto is very far from the Earth, so it moves through the sky/chart slowly, spending around 20 years in each house (depending on house size)  Pluto transits bring about transformation of the planet they are activating.  Pluto also takes away things that are no longer serving the native, relative to the planet it is transiting.  Will show where power struggles are taking place.
  • Neptune: Location by house and aspects to the other planets.  Especially the natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Neptune tends to bring a fuzziness to the planet it aspects.
  • Saturn:  Location by the house, by aspect to other planets.  Note the Saturn return cycle which happens about every 29 years, so every 7 years, there will be an aspect of the transiting Saturn to the natal Saturn.  These will be times where the native will be getting clear about the realities of life.  Themes of growing up, taking responsibility, work etc are highlighted during these cycles.  Noting the house that Saturn is transiting will indicate the area of the life that is the work needs to be focused.  Native may also feel burdens in this area of their life.
  • Jupiter: Location by the house, by aspect to other planets.  Note the Jupiter return cycle which happens every 12 years, so Jupiter will sit in one particular house per year.  Jupiter brings expansion, “more of”, opportunities by way of an influential person, a focus of benefic energy in this area of the Native’s life.

Transits to the Planets
Pluto to the Sun indicates a transformation in the Native’s expression of personal power.  Teaches Native to let go of self betraying behavior and to step into a more authentic expression of their true self.

Pluto to the Moon indicates a transformation of the heart.  Can be times of power struggle in emotional relationships, or a time of deep catharsis and releasing of past emotional programming.  Can be a time when there are many emotional triggers in order to activate the old patterns and force the Native to focus on releasing.

Pluto to Mercury indicates a transformation of the mind.  The Native might be more interested in focusing intensely on a particular subject.  Can increase one’s perception and ability to uncover hidden mysteries.

Pluto to Venus indicates a transformation of the values and love life.  This can be an intense time with love relationships.  A time when triggers to jealousy, possessiveness, dangerous partnerships, combining the pleasure of Venus with the domination of Pluto can lead to sexual intensity as well.

Pluto to Mars indicates a transformation of the drive.  This can be a time of aggression or at least increased activity in the area that the Mars falls in the Native’s chart.

Neptune to the Sun may leave the native unsure about their identity or no longer caring as much about ego expression

Neptune to the Moon can increase the native’s spirituality or compassion towards others

Neptune to Mercury can bring mystical thinking and may make focusing a little more difficult

Neptune to Venus will bring an unsureness about what the native wants from their love life

Neptune to Mars can indicate a fuzziness about what action needs to be taken.

Uranus to Sun brings an identity revolution.  Old ways of expressing the ego are abandoned.  The house is important as well because it colors the natal Sun, so all the themes of the house will be reevaluated and the old will be tossed out in exchange for a newer version.

Uranus to Moon brings an emotional revolution.  Can also be a time of housing changes, or when the childhood family has some kind of unexpected event, or the Native “leaves” the teachings of the family home.  Can be an emotionally uncomfortable time, anxiety is a common manifestation during this transit.  Also an on again, off again quality to emotions.

Uranus to Mercury brings a need to communicate freely and openly.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and both have a frenetic, busy, electric character.  The native may feel their mind is quicker, or more distracted, will need to express freely, may start studying a topic that was once seen as taboo.  A very strong need to think independantly.

Uranus to Venus brings a need for freedom in romantic relating.  Can indicate a restlessness towards the love life or current partner.  Is a time when commitments will be reevaluated and many times left for freedom.  Uranus transits bring a selfishness because they are about the Native finding personal freedom and self-expression, many times this energy can be present during an affair.

Uranus to Mars brings a physical nervousness and need for movement.  The Native can become erratic with starting and stopping new projects or directions of focus. Can also indicate a restlessness romantically, like Venus, but this is more of a sexual restlessness and need to variety.  Strangely, it can also indicate a detachment from the sexual energy, or the sublimation of the sexual energy into mental intercourse.

Saturn to Sun teaches the Native about their personal reality.  Responsibilities, discipline, and hard work are focuses during this transit.  Also, there’s a tendency to become very clear about weaknesses, which can lead to feeling badly but then usually leads to opportunities to work on those weaknesses.

Saturn to Moon helps the Native find out how they really feel.  Saturn gives an unvarnished evaluation of the planet it is transiting.  When the Moon is in aspect, some of the harder emotions of life most likely will surface.  Including sadness, a sense of being unloveable, disconnected from others, etc.  Relationships that are painful and short on love will show-up and give the Native the opportunity to get very clear about what they love.  A time of emotional pruning.

Saturn to Mercury helps the Native to focus on clear thinking.  This is a time when the mind is focused, although a little slower than usual.  The slowing down will help the Native to foucs on details and segmenting.  Thinking becomes more precise and thoughtful.

Saturn to Venus helps the Native focus on the realities of their love life.  Especially in hard aspects, this is a time of break-ups.  Saturn will turn it’s attention to any illusions that are holding the relationship together.  They will be seen in the stark, harsh light of Saturn and force the Native to decide if they can live with these realities.

Saturn to Mars helps the Native to slow down physically and metaphorically in order to get clear about purpose.  Is a great time to focus on dieting as an outward expression of the regulating energy of Saturn.  Can be a time of fatigue or loss of vitality.  Take it slower and learn the lessons of taking care of your body daily.

Jupiter to Sun expands the Native’s identity.  Increase in confidence, optimism, opportunities for self-growth.  Will be interested in improving their life in some way.  See house placement of Jupiter to get a clearer picture about what kind of expansive energy the Native is wanting to improve in their life.  For example, transiting Jupiter in the 3rd House to the Sun would suggest an increase in opportunities for improving communication of all kinds, increasing the quality of relationships with neighbors & siblings, or perhaps an increase in the desire to offer communicative support to others.

Jupiter to Moon expands the Native’s heart expression.  Can be an increase in emotional responses, an overall sense of optimism emotionally, changes to the home, new opportunities to nurture someone or something.

Jupiter to Mercury increases the Native’s need to learn, think and communicate.  Can also give a brighter mental outlook, an increased desire to reach out and share ideas with others, a desire to collaborate.

Jupiter to Venus increases the desire to indulge in pleasures.  Many times can be an increased focus on over-doing food, drink, spending etc.  Look to the house placement of the Venus is see what area of the life might be over-done.

Jupiter to Mars increases the physical vitality and activity.  More projects getting started, increased libido which can be expressed sexually or through increased creative activity.  Look to the nature of the natal Mars to understand what kind of activity is being expanded.

Mars to Sun activates the ego expression.  Can increase aggressiveness or agitation.  Is also a time that should be filled with activity and busy-ness.  May give an increase to egotism.

Mars to Moon activates emotions.  The Moon is not really comfortable being agitated by Mars, so this can be a time of short-fuses and emotional restlessness.  I think of this as a PMS transit.  More apt to fight instead of compromise.

Mars to Mercury activates the mind.  More ideas, increased processing speed, cosmic caffeine.  Can feel mentally agitated and impatient during this transit.

Mars to Venus activates the desire for sexual expression.  A great time for passionate love-making, or for sublimating the energy into creative expression, improving the beauty of the body or starting a new collaborative venture.

Venus to Sun brings harmony and beauty to the Native.  This is an aspect that brings charm and increased attractiveness to the Native.  An increased desire to express the self as harmoniously as possible.

Venus to Moon brings harmony and increased feelings of lovability.  The desire for closeness and pleasure in relating to others.  More apt to compromise.

Venus to Mercury brings harmony to the Native’s communication.  Tend to be kinder with words, interested in finding solutions that will work for all parties involved.  Can also increase the artistic expression of musicians, writers, poets, dancers, etc

Mercury to Sun brings a cerebral quality to the Native’s self-expression.  May increase the desire to learn something new that will improve the self.  Or might have an increased desire to define personal identity.

Mercury to Moon increases the head and heart link.  Feelings are given words so expression becomes easier.

Transiting Planets through the houses

This list starts only includes Mercury through Saturn.  In my experience, the house placement of the outer planets is not as important as the aspects being made to natal planets.


1st House Getting real about identity.  Applying self-discipline.  Personality flaws will be made clear.

2nd House Realities related to income and wealth.  Hard work building income or discipline applied to the allocation of resources.

3rd House Slowing down of frenetic communication, focused thinking or studying.  Good time to plan new things

4th House Issues of family and home may feel a little burdensome.  The house may need repairs.  Working from home also possible.

5th House Issues of reining in personal expression.  Reduction in play, focus on grown-up activity and responsibility.

6th House Duties of that require self-denial and responsibility will come to the surface.

7th House Can be a time when commitment is entered into by the Native.  Relationships can have a serious or sparse quality during this transit.  Or a time when the couple is working on something together that requires discipline and work.

8th House Past programming about sexuality, death and letting go will come up for examination.  May decrease the desire for emotionally intense intimacy.  Or may indicate a schedule or some kind of planning directed towards the intimacy of the partnership.  A good time for psychotherapy.

9th House Issues stemming from childhood religious systems, wisdom from the Native’s culture, and other collective thought processes will be up for evaluation.

10th House Work and discipline applied towards the career.

11th House A decrease in social interactions.  Could be a time when low-functioning and toxic friendships or associations are pruned.

12th House Subconscious fears may gurgle up at this time.  Can be quite confusing, if not impossible, to understand the things that pop out of the subconscious.


1st House Self-Improvement

2nd House Money and Wealth expansion

3rd House Connection to ideas and people increase

4th House Improvements in the home or expansion of the family

5th House Increases in creative output, also a time of fertility

6th House Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down

7th House Improvements in all relationships, or an increase in the amount of relationships

8th House An opportunity to grow and learn through catharsis

9th House Time wehn the teacher, guru or guide may present themselves

10th House Focus on increased activity with work or status, can improve the way the world sees the Native as a leader or person of importance

11th House Increase in social activities, revitalized hope and focus on the possibilities for the future

12th House Can increase all compulsive behavior, psychic gift and escapism.  Drinking, or other addictivehabits can be increased during this phase.


1st House Increased vitality, physical energy/agitation, good time for exercise

2nd House Spending money or activity to increase wealth.  Money matters will be activated.

3rd House Increased need to communicate more aggressively, increased speed of thought, may also indicate anxiety or worry

4th House Can warn of conflict and fights in the home, can be a time of busy activity in the home, perhaps even exercising at home, emotions can feel agitated

5th House Increased need to express the ego, can be more bossy than usual, or more aggressive with creative output, can be fighting with your children

6th House Great time to start a new work-out or health regimen

7th House Relationship heat, can be fighting, conflict or relating more directly and passionately.

8th House Sexual energies are activated.  Fights fueled by jealousy or possessiveness can be a theme during this transit.

9th House May find conflict with religion or wisdom of the culture.  May increase desire to travel.

10th House Work changes or an increase in assertiveness at work.  A  time when Native’s aggressiveness or assertion is more obvious and seen by others more easily

11th House Activation with social contacts.  Can make native a little more prone to fighting with friends, or at least not caring what other’s think about their behavior.  A bit anti-social.

12th House Can increase the desire to escape, but might also make the native blind to how the body is being affected by indulging.  A feeling of detachment from the body, ungrounded quality.


1st House Beauty and harmony applied to the personality.  More pleasant demeanor, a tendency to enjoy pleasures physically

2nd House Increase in the appreciation for wealth, or at least the pleasures money can buy.  Can be a time of increased spending on things that will increase beauty or harmony of self or surroundings.

3rd House Diplomacy, kind words and a pleasant style of communicating.

4th House Improving the beauty of the home, sweet relating in the home, peaceful and lazy times at home or with family, pleasantly nostalgic time

5th House Artistic endeavors will be more enjoyable.  A romantic time for pleasurable connection with the lover.  Playtime will be fun and memorable with your children, if a parent.

6th House Taking time daily to enjoy something pleasurable, might give a laziness about completing chores and duties

7th House  Focus on creating harmony in all one on one relationships, could be a time when love is in the air romantically

8th House Intensity increases sexually, finding pleasure through sexual expression, private pleasures, letting go of power

9th House Desire to travel or grow in a leisurely way through exploring other cultures

10th House Charm and attractiveness will be highlighted at work.  A good time for making a first impression

11th House Pleasure and joy found through friendships and social associations, partying vibe to this transit

12th House Compulsive time, can be reflected through an increase in hidden, compulsive behaviors.


1st House Thinking, talking and a more frenetic pace can be seen during this transit

2nd House Multiple sources of income, or planning ways to increase income

3rd House Increase in communication, good time for writing or speaking, can lead to over-analysis or worry

4th House Communication increases in the home, possibility for 2 living spaces at once, perhaps through travel or rental property

5th House Expressing through words will be highlighted

6th House Multiple duties, decrease in communication, worry about all the things to complete, good time for writing, editing or planning

7th House Relationship communications will be increased.  Look to the aspects to the transiting Mercury to understand the nature of hte communication.

8th House Thoughts of a darker nature can come to the surface, intensity of thinking, obsessive thinking, mental compulsions, focus of thinking power, good time for research

9th House Increased desire to learn about and share wisdom that has been learned.  May indicate the beginning of a course of study.

10th House Voice being recognized at work or in the world somehow.  Will be heard.  Lots of mental activity focused towards multiple work projects.

11th House  Connecting with many associates.  Sharing ideas.  An increase in the number of friends and social contacts.

12th House Fuzziness of thinking, yet stronger intuitive knowing.  Communication may be misunderstood, or the Native may desire to keep quiet and socially hermitize themselves during this transit.