Lesson 9: The Asteroids


Asteroids are small, planetoids orbiting the sun.  In our solar system, there are millions of asteroids of varying size located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, as well as orbiting on other paths.  Some astrologers use asteroids extensively, some not at all.  My experience with these small, rocky bodies has been powerful but with only 3.  My experiments with other popular asteroids, such as Eros, Psyche, Sedna,  have met with limited success.  A chart is already full of information with our Sun, Moon and planets that the use of asteroids is secondary and done after looking at the larger celestial bodies first.

The 3 asteroids I’ve found to be the most powerful are Chiron, Juno & Vesta.  Time and again, the symbolisms have shown up accurately while analyzing charts.  I believe this is because these 3 have the strongest archetype descriptions.

  • Chiron, as the wounded healer which will show our talents and relationships that will heal us.
  • Juno, as the slighted wife which will show how the Native misuses sexual power.
  • Vesta, as the symbol of devotion which will show loyalty in friendship and other partnerships.

I will give a brief outline of each asteroid’s myth and rulerships, as well as some natal aspects and how those will be expressed.

Chiron: Wounded Healer

The Greek myth of Chiron sets the stage for the symbolism of this asteroid.  Born as the son of Cronus, he was trained in the ways of his foster Father Apollo, as a teacher, healer and astrologer.  He gave his life to save Prometheus from the torture of being chained to a rock and enduring a life of pain and misery. He teaches us how to heal ourselves so we can then heal others.

The asteroid in astrology will show where the native has the potential to uplift, mentor and/or teach others.  It is also a place of initial wounding and eventual mastery. The meaning in the relationship chart is slightly different, where it holds a special role as the significator of true love, falling in love and soulmate relationships, as outlined by the Magi Society.


healing, mastery, career path, gifts, talents, area of expertise, teaching, fertility, public image, fame (in aspect to Uranus),

Juno: Loveless Sexuality

Juno is a controversial asteroid in the astrology community.  Her meaning has been polarized between that of a benefic protector of marriage and that of the dark goddess ruling all illicit forms of sexuality.  Traditionally in Western astrology, she is seen as the asteroid to represent marital fidelity, as seen by Juno the wife of Zeus, who endured his many romantic “adventures”.  More recently, the Magi Society has found a significant preponderance of Juno Venus interaspects  in the relationship charts of couples who have passionate sexual chemistry, but rarely marry. They’ve since attached Juno to any and all illicit, acts of sex where love is absent.

In my experience, I agree with the Magi Society’s assignment of Juno.  She is the asteroid that will show in a natal chart the Native’s prediliction for perversion and loveless sex.  In relationship readings, she will be seen in the charts of couples who had intense sexual chemistry, but once they moved in together or married, it disappeared leaving both partners confused.


selfish, narcissistic behavior, perversion, broken promises, deviance, dark cult, adultery, pornography, cuckold, delusion, illusion, lies

Vesta: Devotion & Loyalty

Vesta is an asteroid I use to see the loyalty of an individual.  When in aspect to Jupiter or Venus, by conjunction, trine, opposition, square in the longitudes or parallel/contra parallel in the declinations, then the Native will be someone who behaves in a devoted manner to loved ones and friends.  There is a benefic energy applied to the way they relate to others.

If missing in the natal chart, but an individual’s Vesta makes an interaspect to the partner’s Venus or Jupiter, there is an increase in their loyalty to that person.


devotion, loyalty, support, inspiration, dedication, self-sacrifice, fan, love, affection, altruism