Lesson 7: The Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes

The Nodes of the Moon are points in the chart that represent the places at which the orbit of the moon crosses the ecliptic of the Sun.

The North Node shows the Native’s soul path in this incarnation.  This is an area that is unconsciously held. It may seem to allude the native or feel like an area of weakness, yet the native may have a compulsive desire to enter situations with themes from the North Node. For example, a Libra North Node may be very interested in relationships or one on one relating, but may have a hard time giving up their independence, due to the shadow material from their Aries South Node being exercised unconsciously.

To find the South Node, simply look at the opposite sign, in the same degree as the North Node. The South Node represents the past and lessons the native will have mastered, or skills that the native subconsciously understands and falls   For example, Taurus South Node may instinctively seek security through material goods or relationships with others that are based on stability, security and possibly shallow measures of value, such as the external appearance of wealth.

Some astrologers use the nodes of the moon to explore past life material.  House placement, the planets conjunct and making aspects to the SN, the aspects being made to the rulers of the house placement in the natal chart, as well as aspects being made to all of the involved planets can create a picture of past life circumstances, and possible events/lessons.

The North Node is an important point for understanding personal soul path development.  What is the Native here to learn?  In what types of circumstances will they feel compelled to express these energies?  For what purpose?

Aries | Libra: self vs partnership

North Node Aries | South Node Libra
Soul Path: 
To learn to independently, courageously charge towards one’s goals, independent of other’s expectations, desires or possible reactions.  To become keenly aware of inner passions and that by following one’s own heart, permission has been granted to other’s to follow their own passions as well.  May be attracted to co-dependent relating, will need to break pattern to move into true interdependence.

North Node Libra | South Node Aries
Soul Path: 
To learn the power of synergy that comes with leaning into other people.  To consider the needs of the partner, while still taking responsibility for own needs.  To find harmony in relating with others.  Will be attracted to relationships, look to house placement to give granularity about the type of relationships this Native will attract.

Taurus | Scorpio: outer security vs inner security

North Node Taurus | South Node Scorpio
Soul Path: 
To learn to release the compulsion to control the uncontrollable.  To step into power as a person capable of  material manifestation, by using the high side of the Scorpio SN and it’s ability to understand motivations.   Avoid trying to manipulate others through covert acts meant to illicit extreme reactions.

North Node Scorpio | South Node Taurus
Soul Path: 
To learn the magic of death and rebirth.  That the soul will still exist even after the flight of the Phoenix.  Scorpio NN will want to have control over their environment, and may exercise a high degree of interest in material security. This may lead to experiences of loss of material goods, to teach the soul about the role of wealth in their lives as a means to an end, not the end itself.  That what was once yours, is now gone, but something else is waiting.  That possession is an illusion.

Gemini | Sagittarius: Knowledge vs wisdom

North Node Gemini | South Node Sagittarius
Soul Path: 
To learn the path of the learner.  To be an apprentice of life and to enjoy the back and forth of learning a new subject.  To rein in the Sagittarian desire for bigger is better, and instead to focus the energy on the details of a project.  To understand that the answers may not all be at your fingertips, but to have a curiosity and desire to find the answers. Concentration.

North Node Sagittarius | South Node Gemini
Soul Path: 
To learn the path of the teacher.  To take the understanding of solo study, or apprentice-like study from the Gemini SN and to turn it outward.  The student becomes the Master.  Time to take up the calling of the teacher, guru, guide.  To become wise, to become more optimistic, looking for ways to grow beyond one’s own sphere.  Dissemination.

Cancer | Capricorn: Home vs The World

North Node Cancer | South Node Capricorn
Soul Path: 
To learn how to care for the deep needs of the “womb”.  Themes of home and the Mother, either being illusive or an area where the Native is tested constantly.  Could be put in situations that require the nurturing of the Native to be exercised in a way that is uncomfortable.  Caring for others at the denial of their desire for status, or being seen.  Or being in a situation that causes them to be both Mother & Father.  A subconscious tendency to move towards coldness, or order being overwritten by a compulsion to move towards warmth and support of others.

North Node Capricorn | South Node Cancer
Soul Path: 
To learn the path of the Father, Executive, individual in the role of builder.  Status issues being contested.  Questions of what is more important, home or career.  A desire to withdraw from career or rule-building or being “seen” by the public.  Look to the house placement to see where the Native is being called to draw out their inner Man/Leader/General.  To step up to face the cold hard facts of life.  To be responsible, buck stops here.

Leo | Aquarius: Self-Expression Vs Collective expression

North Node Leo | South Node Aquarius
Soul Path: 
To learn to exercise one’s own will.  Questions of “What do I want?” “What do I have to say?” “What makes me unique?” will be constant for these Natives, but coupled with the concern about what other’s will think of them.  There will be a desire to self-express.  This could be through the arts, sales, business leadership, home life, etc.  The circumstance will depend on the house placement.  But Leo NN is about the desire to fly a freak flag in a way that is authentic.  To be seen as a unique individual.

North Node Aquarius | South Node Leo
Soul Path: 
To learn about being an iconoclast.  An individual, yet part of the whole.  To learn openness to other’s ideas and ways of self-expressing.  May struggle with a desire to exert one’s own needs on others.  Can be an ego-centric nature to this placement, look to the house placement for more details.  It’s the Native’s mission to learn how to feel free to self-express without worrying about outer validation or disapproval from others, as well as to learn to not place too much value on their own approval/disapproval of other’s choices.


Virgo | Pisces: Tangible vs Intangible

North Node Virgo | South Node Pisces
Soul Path: 
To learn to self-sacrifice without the loss of self.  Service through physical acts of promoting other’s needs or desires.  Also, there will be a strong interest in practical details, moving away from the go with the flow energy of the Pisces SN.  Will be compelled to situations where the desire for accuracy or attention to detail will be highlighted.  May struggle with the desire to be precise, but unable to do it in a way that satisfies the Native.

North Node Pisces | South Node Virgo
Soul Path: 
To learn to lean on the power of Spirit to take care of details.  To have faith that things will work out without the Native’s active hands-on involvement.  May be put into situations where they have no control over the way things play out, perhaps through the role of serving another person’s needs.  Perhaps the Native takes on a spiritual practice or addiction to escape the constant nag of the inner perfectionist.