Lesson 6: The Angles


The Angles are the Cardinal Houses: 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th. They form a cross that divides the chart in half, both vertically and horizontally. Astrologically, these houses give clues to the nature of the Native’s identity. Ego forces, security needs, relationship needs, life purpose.  These are dynamic places where our personalities make direct contact with the outer world through our identity formation.

There are also the Succedent or Fixed Houses and the Cadent or Mutable Houses.  The Succedent Houses are the 2nd, 5th, 8th & 11th and they deal with circumstances of Possession and Expression.  The Cadent or Mutable Houses, 3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th deal with circumstances of Knowledge and Wisdom.  We will look at these in more depth during the Houses lesson.

1st House

Natural Sign Ruler: Aries
Natural Ruler: Mars

The Individual  
Represents the self, the persona, the physical appearance, how one appears or will present in a new situation.

4th House
Immum Coeli

Natural Sign Ruler: Cancer Natural Ruler: Moon

The Inner World/Home
Represents the deepest place in the psyche, home, childhood, “roots”, the subconscious, the inner world.

7th House

Natural Sign Ruler: Libra
Natural Ruler: Venus

The Partnership  Represents the other, the energy opposite the individual’s natural ego expression, the relationships the native seeks.

10th House
Medium Coeli

Natural Sign Ruler: Capricorn
Natural Ruler: Saturn

The Outer World/Status
Represents the outer world and the native’s interest in being perceived in a certain way.  Career, unique handprint that will be left.

The 12 Houses: A quick refresher

Each House represents a different circumstance in life.  The planets that fall into the house will be affected by the house, and colored by the character of the house and the ruler on the cusp.

For example, any planet in your 2nd House, will be given a Taurus like quality, and will directly affect your values and attitude toward possessions.    

The Zodiac sign on the cusp is very important as well. Look at the ruling planet of that Zodiac sign to give further information about the house. 

FIRST HOUSE: Personal appearance, DNA, personality, individual, planets here will have an Aries quality

SECOND HOUSE: Values, money, self-worth, talents, planets here will have a Taurus quality

THIRD HOUSE: Communication, intelligence, mind power, style of thinking, planets here will have a Gemini quality

FOURTH HOUSE:  Home, place of comfort, childhood, mother, place to recover, planets here will have a Cancer quality

FIFTH HOUSE:  Creativity, creation, ego expression, planets here will have a Leo quality

SIXTH HOUSE:  Devotion, self sacrifice, duties, daily habits, health, planets here will have a Virgo quality

SEVENTH HOUSE:  Relating, Relationships, Partnerships in work and love, even enemies, planets here will have a Libra quality

EIGHTH HOUSE:  Deep bonding between two people, sexuality, death and rebirth, planets here will have a Scorpio quality

NINTH HOUSE:  Wisdom, learning, spirituality/religion, other cultures, planets here will have a Sagittarius quality

TENTH HOUSE:  Outer world, career, status, how the world sees you/important need to be seen, planets here will have a Sagittarius quality

ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendships, hopes & goals, collective, eclectic freak-flag house, planets here will take on an Aquarius quality

TWELVETH HOUSE:  Unconscious, other worldly, spiritual, egoless, totally selfless house, planets here will take on a Pisces quality

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