Annual Forecast Reading

An Annual Forecast is done after the astrologer has fully analyzed the natal chart. With an understanding of the native’s make-up and trigger points, the birth chart can then be compared to charts that show the up-coming annual celestial themes.

First a Solar Return Chart will be created. This is a chart that is drawn for the day of the up-coming year that the native’s Sun “returns” to the same degree in the same zodiac sign as the birth chart. The Sun is the only planetary placement that absolutely will be in the same sign and degree, though not necessarily the same house. The Solar Return is then read in a manner similar to the birth chart. Comparisons will be made to the birth chart to highlight themes for the year. We can do a general read for the entire house, or focus on an area of concern.

Next, we will create a Secondary Progression Chart. This is a chart that applies a technique of a day of life since birth per year. So for example, when you turned 5 years old, your Secondary Progression Chart would’ve been a chart of the day, 5 days after your birth. This chart moves slowly and so we focus on changes to the lunar cycle, zodiac sign changes of the luminaries, and personal planets. This is a chart that will support themes seen in the other charts.

Last, we will do a brief look at transits from the slow moving outer planets for the year and compare any repeating themes we’re seeing there as well.

This reading can only

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