Birth Chart Reading

When you are first introduced to astrology, the most important chart to have read by an astrologer is your individual birth chart or natal chart.  This is a map or diagram of the sky at the moment of your birth. Within the birth chart lies different structures that will help the astrologer delineate your personality. This is the chart that is then used for synastry chart comparisons and forecasting.  It is the energetic signature that is always with you, even as you age and grow.

A good astrologer will always request to read the individual natal chart before moving onto comparisons or forecasting. To do a relationship reading, for example, without understanding each natal chart, would be an incomplete reading.

  • Individual Personality
  • Life Force & Vitality
  • Emotional Needs
  • Emotional Response
  • Mental & Communication Style
  • Dominant Planetary Energies
  • How You Handle New Situations
  • Romantic Style
  • Attitude Towards Money
  • Home Life
  • Creative Ability
  • Self-Sacrifice
  • Ideal Relationship
  • Shadow Material
  • Learning Style
  • Career
  • Associations & Humanitarian Interests
  • Spiritual Life
  • Soul Path
  • Areas for Growth
  • Challenges & Repeating Patterns
  • Past Life Exploration, if the client is interested

How is a birth chart read?

The first step to having your chart read is gathering your birth information.  I will need your birth date, time & city.  It’s best to get the time from the birth certificate or a written source.  Word of mouth is not as reliable and the birth time is a very important part of a chart reading.  We can’t assign your rising sign or the house cusps or the exact moon degree with certainty, if we don’t have exact time.

After you’ve booked your appointment and sent your information to me, we will meet for our reading.  If you’re in the Utah area, an in-person reading is preferred.  If out of state or in another country, Skype, Facetime and Phone consultations are available.

We will start with a brief chat where I will ask you about what you’re looking to get from the reading, or if you have any pressing concerns in your life.  I will then give you a brief tutorial of what a birth chart is and how that applies to yours.  You don’t need to understand the chart, but it’s nice to have some context during the reading.

The next step is the analysis of the chart.  We start with the Primary Triad of the Sun, the Moon and the Rising Sign.  We will look at the signs and houses they are placed in as well as the rulers of those houses and how they are aspected.  We will then look at the relationships they make to one another and delineate how this affects your personality.

After the Primary Triad, we move through your houses, also noting rulerships and aspects.

We will touch on the nodes of the moon to give information about your soul path.

In conclusion, we will wrap up the reading with a discussion about the patterns we’ve seen during the reading.  Noting blockages, flows, areas of your life that have been challenging, areas that have been gifted, etc.  You’re welcome to ask questions of course, and I always want to be sure my clients feel like they got information of value.  I like to use a practical approach to my readings, so I want to be sure you feel like you have some guidance and tools to use after we’ve met.

I feel so empowered and supported by the Universe in my career and my marriage! If you need some support and guidance I highly recommend you get in touch with Nichole. Thank you!!Private Client
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