• All readings are confidential.
    • Your session is recorded as a 3-4 part custom video.
    • You do not need to do anything on the day of your appointment. I will send you the link to your playlist with Part 1 loaded by 830 PM MDT
    • Parts 2 & 3 of your reading will be sent over the course of a 2 week period. This allows you to ask questions via text. If there are delays, I will notify you.
    • Readings will be done with estimated birth time, with the client’s understanding that if the birth time is incorrect, the reading will not be refunded.
    • Readings need to be paid for in advance to hold your session.
    • For corporate or high profile clients, I’m happy to fill out a DND by request.
    • DISCLAIMER:  All readings are done with the understanding that the client has free will, and is responsible for the actions taken after their reading.


What to expect

Welcome to the wonderful world of the stars!  For new clients to my practice, I request a personal birth chart reading before moving onto relationship or forecast readings. This allows me to have a good understanding of the triggers in your natal chart so that I can then see how others and transits will affect you.

I’ve helped over 1,000 clients and have read thousands of charts over the past 20 years. Let astrology shed light on the guidance found in your natal birth chart. My style of consultation is client focused. We will discuss what you are looking to get out of the reading and I will adjust the reading to best meet your needs. To learn specific details about each reading please click on the links below the pricing.

  • DISCUSS your basic personality structure, your talents, your weaknesses
  • ASSESS your emotional mental structure, as well as trigger points
  • UNCOVER your hidden potentials, soul path, career possibilities
  • EXPLORE your karmic destiny, soul path and spiritual make-up
  • ILLUMINATE important dates for the upcoming year through a mini
  • CUSTOMIZE your reading to best answer your burning questions

For beginners to astrology, I recommend you take a look at the Astrology 101 Lesson 10: Reading the Chart to understand what we will be covering in your reading.

You are Amazing at what you do! I hope everyone knows how mind blowing your knowledge is of Astrology. It has guided me and has lifted me up many times.
Thanks for helping me give a very precious gift to my daughter tonight. It was an Amazing experience for her. Love you Nichole! Casey Carter

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For Current Clients Only

Are You Interested in a custom reading?

Have something in mind but don’t see it here?  Such as: Past Live Forensics, Wedding Date selection, Business Chart Creation, Private Astrological Tutoring, etc  Order as a Birth Chart Reading and let me know the topic in the notes.

The fee is $149 per hour.